St Feock Pals

St Feock Spring Show - 30th March 2019

The St Feock Spring Show is an annual event that takes place at St Feock Church and Community Hall.

To view the full schedule and rules, please click the link below or scroll down to view the different sections and classes.

If you wish to enter the show, please fill and return the entry form before Monday 25th March 2019.

Section 1 - Cut Flowers

Hint: tissue or moss inside vase stops movement of stems of cut flowers.

Please provide your own vases.

Class Description
13 single bloom daffodils or narcissi, one variety
23 single bloom miniature daffodils, one variety
35 single bloom daffodils, mixed,
43 multi-headed daffodils, not miniatures
56 floating hellebore heads, shallow container, max. 9”
6Small vase of spring flowers for table decoration
71 Camellia Bloom
8Vase of 6 Camellias, any variety

Section 2 - Pot Plants

Class Description
9A bowl of hyacinths
10A bowl of miniature daffodils or narcissi
11A non-flowering foliage plant
12Flowering pot plant, not hyacinths or cyclamen

Section 3 - Floral Art

Maximum space 24” x 24”

Class Description
13Musical funfair
14Milky way
15Votes for women

Section 4 - Cookery

Class Description
16Cornish pasty
17Savoury flan/quiche
18Bread loaf
193 bread rolls
204 cheese straws
21Victoria sponge sandwich
22Hevva cake
23Bakewell tart
243 shortbread biscuits
253 chocolate brownies

Section 5 - Preserves

For preserves use plain jars, labelled, with lid

Class Description
26Jar of jam
27Jar of marmalade
28Jar of curd
29Jar of jelly
30Jar of honey

Section 6 - Crafts

Class Description
31Toilet roll transport
32Embroidered or cross-stitched item
33Hand knitted or crochet garment
34Hand knitted clergy
35Hand knitted fruit
36Hand made item in soft medium, max size 24”
37Pottery or glass item
38Wood handicraft item

Section 7 - Paintings and Drawings

Maximum size 15” x 18”, framed and with hook or string for hanging.

Class Description
39Any watercolour painting
40Any oil/acrylic painting
41Any pencil/pen and ink drawing

Section 8 - Limerick

One verse on a postcard.

Class Description

Section 9 - Photography

Colour or black and white, unmounted, max size 5” x 7”

Class Description
44Cornish landmarks
45Frosty morning

Section 10 - Children Ages 4-7

Class Description
47Necklace from nature
483 jam tarts
49Decorated egg

Section 10 - Children Ages 8-12

Class Description
50Necklace from nature
513 jam tarts
52Decorated egg